Payday Loan Rules in Oklahoma

A payday loan is a particular type of cash advance that is designed for people who need money right away, even though their actual paydays are either days or weeks ahead. Payday loans are legal in Oklahoma, and they are rather easy to obtain. Payday loans are quite common, but each company that provides them must abide by particular laws.

Loan Prerequisites

Payday loan companies in Oklahoma require that applicants be at least 18 years of age to apply. Additionally, they must possess an active checking account and they must also be able to prove that they receive recurring income. This proof could be given through the form a pay stub, a bank account summary, a tax form, etc.

Specifications of the Loan

Payday loan specifications in Okalahoma specify that the maximum a borrower can receive from a lender is $500. A finance charge of $15 is assessed for every $100 that is provided by the lender. That is only if the loan in its entirety does not exceed $300. If the loan in its entirety ranges from $301 to $500, the finance fee is $10 on each $100 increment.

Limits on Loans

The maximum outstanding loans that a borrower can have simultaneously is 2. Extensions and rollovers are not possible, and it is usually possible for the borrower to return the borrowed, unused money without having to pay any extra fees. The borrower can also take out a repayment loan to take care of the original loan, that is if he/she is having trouble paying the existing loan that's in default.

Lenders are permitted to pass the loan balance over to collections if it has gone unpaid.

Loan Splitting Law

The state of Oklahoma does not permit loan-splitting. Loan-splitting is the act of splitting a single loan check into two, often in an effort to assess the borrower with more fees.

Compare With Traditional Loans

These days getting loans over internet have become a very easy task. There are so many lending organizations in the market offering payday loan services. Eligibility requirements for these loans are very simple and almost every one can get approval. Easy availability is not the only feature of these loans but there are many other advantages also that have made them the first choice of the people.

Understanding Fees Structure

Instead of talking about these advantages let is begin with most debatable aspect of payday loans. People express different views about the fees charged by lenders. Depending upon the lending organization you select, you may have to pay $15 to $30 for every hundred dollars borrowed. No doubt this is something much higher when compared with any traditional loan.

How To Make A Fair Comparison?

However, for a fair comparison we need to put side by side the other features of both payday loans and traditional loans. Besides fees you should take into account other aspects. You opt for these loans only when you are in an urgent need of money. No traditional loan lender can provide you quick cash to manage a financial emergency. Quick cash advance payday loan, on the contrary, provides you the desired money immediately.

Short Term Loan

Another feature that wipes out the negative effect of higher interest rates is that you borrow for very short period. Usually people avail these loans for a period of one to two weeks. What you need to do here is to delay borrowing till it becomes absolutely necessary so that you can further reduce the loan term. Moreover, you should also consider the money you save on late fees and other penalties by making timely payment of your bills.

Still, you should keep in mind that quick cash advance payday loans are designed to help you in times of financial crisis only. It is not wise to use this service just to buy things like a sofa set or a personal computer. Similarly, you should borrow only when you are sure that you can repay the amount on time. Non-payment of loan amount on time may lead to imposition of penalties thereby making the loan further costly.